Why personal training?

This is a question you’re naturally going to ask before investing your time and money in personal training.

Most of us have experimented with diet plans and failed, made New Year’s resolutions to frequent the gym more often but have lost interest by February, so how do you stop the constant cycle of not achieving the goals you’re so desperately trying to reach? 


Why Personal Training

Long-term success

People often find that having that well-intentioned gym membership, the squeaky new trainers and the latest celeb workout DVD just somehow isn’t enough to build health and fitness into their lifestyle in a sustainable, long-term way.

People that I speak with who have tried more diets than they care to remember and have taken countless workout DVDs to the car boot sale will tell me how they have become disillusioned with exercise; becoming confused at what they should or shouldn’t be eating, leading to feelings of frustration and helplessness, which ultimately knocks their motivation.

An integrated approach

There is a solution to this problem and it’s not as hard as you think.  It doesn’t involve you signing up for the next marathon or volunteering to climb a mountain for charity!  All you need is some help, guidance and support to achieve your health and fitness goals in order to ensure you’re focussed, but most importantly, in a manageable and sustainable way.

It is my belief – and this is something I instil in all Fitness Redefined’s clients – that personal training should be about giving you the tools and insight to integrate health and fitness into your lifestyle long-term.  I believe this is the only way to achieve success and therefore stay motivated. 

Finding what works for you

I take pride in assessing each of my clients individually to understand their personal goals, their lifestyle – including nutrition – and any restrictions they may have in terms of movement and mobility.  Your alignment is crucial to your movement and therefore how efficient and effective your workout is.  In essence, I recommend considering each and every aspect of you and your lifestyle before designing a bespoke workout plan for you.

One of my clients was inactive, overweight, had no structure with her food and consequently lacked the energy to play with her children.  After six weeks with Fitness Redefined, she was at her goal weight, having lost almost two stone, feeling healthier, having more energy, and actually looking forward to exercising as part of her routine.

Ultimately, you are not alone in your feelings towards health and fitness, and you don’t need be alone in searching for the answer anymore.  If you are fed-up with feeling de-motivated and helpless when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, contact me today and let my personal training service ‘Redefine your life!’