Training options

We are all individuals. We all have different body types, ideals and goals.

Fitness Redefined treats each client as the individual that they are, setting tailored, attainable fitness programmes, with both short and long-term targets, to ensure your success.

Training Options

Training Options

Having spent 12 years mastering the principles of optimal nutrition, fitness and lifestyle management I pride myself on having helped hundreds of people create a sustainable, healthy way of life by applying a diverse cross section of cutting edge approaches.

It is my belief that every individual is capable of creating lasting and dramatic change in their life. My aim is to provide people with the most effective and efficient tools for attaining real results whatever their goals may be.

I specialise in getting results where others have failed particularly in the following fields:

  • Fat loss
  • Body shaping and transformation
  • Sports Massage

Your first step is to book a free initial consultation to discuss your personal goals and aims.  Please contact Josh on 07843 495351.

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