Fitness Redefined is proud to have helped a variety of different people achieve their individual, specific goals.

See below for a selection of success stories from recent clients.



Read what recent clients have said about Fitness Redefined …

Margaret Baines, proof that you can achieve optimal fitness levels at any age

“At the age of 82 I feel as fit as I did when I was 50!

“I have been training with Josh for over four years and in that time my fitness levels have gone through the roof!

“Josh provides me with eating plans that are specific to me and easy to follow, along with tailored exercise plans for each week.

“Most of my friends have difficulty walking to the shops to get a paper, so to be able to feel this fit and full of energy at my age is just brilliant.

“I really can’t put into words how valuable Josh is to my health and would recommend his expertise to anyone…however old you are!”

Sharon Rowe, challenging your mind and body and simply making life better…

“Two things happened to me in 2012: I picked up a squash racket for the first time in twenty years and I cycled around Paris in the Spring break with my teenage daughter feeling fat, old, depressed and breathless. I was lost and didn’t know how to get ‘Me’ back or make a fresh start on my own, but luckily a friend did.

“She recommended Josh MacDonald to me. I am forever indebted. He listened, understood, directed and guided me through the months of hard work until it clicked and I totally got it. I now cringe when I remember telling him that “I don’t do press ups, long runs or squats” – now watch me compete with all the men and anyone else in the gym/park/bootcamp!

“So eight months later in the January 2013 sales I bought my first sexy designer dress in years, (size 10), and was selected for the over 40s County Squash team. It may not seem that important but I’m now enjoying life immensely and can’t seem to stop smiling. Even my husband has now signed up and is rearing to go.

“So if you want target-driven results, a fit and healthy body, excellent nutritional advice and a life-changing experience, hire Josh to set you on the right path, whatever your goals are, he’ll be there to help you.”

Lynne Mendelsohn, inspired by health and fitness

“I have been seeing Josh for fitness training for many years. I am not a natural when it comes to health and fitness, never having been particularly sporty at school. However, Josh has been fantastic – always supportive and patient and inspiring me to keep going and to improve in my own way.

“I couldn’t have achieved what I have without him.”

Dr Lisa Ramsawak, personal training helps balance the requirements of a demanding job

“I have been training with Josh for over six years, during this time I have gone from being a medical student to a junior doctor.

“As a hospital doctor I am expected to perform at a very high level. I often work 13 hour days, with a varied shift pattern. I am usually on my feet for the majority of that time. Fitting in exercise can often be difficult but Josh is always willing to work around my schedule.

“My workouts are always varied and tailored to my individual needs. Training with Josh gives me an outlet to focus on something other than medicine, which can sometimes dominate my life.

“Most importantly, I believe my training with Josh complements the mental and physical demands of my job, and makes me a more effective and efficient doctor.”

Vicky Craver, from injury to new levels of fitness

“Josh is a wonderful personal trainer! I should know, he’s been training me for over six years!

“I’m a runner and in 2006 broke my shoulder very badly. I approached Josh to help me regain my fitness and confidence after it had healed. He did this with patience, gentle encouragement and sensitivity. I was back pounding the fields of Sussex in record time.

“However, I was so impressed with the new levels of fitness I was gaining under his supervision that I continued with the training!

“He is always challenging, but never bullying; his sessions are stimulating and never boring. Josh varies my workouts, so that in six years I can’t recall ever repeating the same routine! I’m also impressed by how he reads my levels of fitness and adjusts sessions accordingly, but always challenges me and won’t let me get away with a sub-standard workout, no matter how loudly I protest!

“Thanks to Josh I have toned arms, strong glutes and a lovely flat stomach!

“He’s a lovely bloke and a sympathetic listener, as well as a brilliant professional.”

Kefi Chadwick, feels fit, healthy and toned with more energy than ever before

“I started personal training sessions with Josh as a birthday present to myself. I had gained some weight and felt generally sluggish and physically unfit. Within weeks Josh had me running, lifting weights and generally raising my fitness levels. In turn this gave me much more energy.

“Over the last two years I have seen my body shape change beyond recognition. Muscles I never knew I had have appeared and I feel fit, healthy and toned. I am also much more aware of my body and how I feel physically day-to-day.

“I am much healthier and more energetic than ever before.”

Julie Fowlie (Clare’s mum), achieved top ten in the country in 50m swim

“I have known Josh for over four years now, and when it came to finding a qualified personal trainer to work with my daughter, Clare, I knew Josh would be the right person.

“Clare is a swimmer and was achieving good results, however we recognised that she needed additional strength training if she was to continue to improve. Josh created a specific training programme designed to complement her swimming training and most importantly taking into account that she was only 11 at the start of the programme and still growing/developing.

“Clare’s arm, leg and core strength improved and so did her personal best times. Clare has just turned 15 and is ranked in the top ten in the country for her age for the 50 metre freestyle and 50 metre butterfly.

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Josh to anyone who wants to improve in their chosen sport.”

Carol Perver, lost 40lb through personal training

“Being the wrong side of 60 I thought I knew it all, but even though I had a healthy diet and worked out in the gym, I still gained weight and just didn’t have the energy I thought I should have had.

“My absolute good fortune was being introduced to Josh Macdonald who with good humour and absolute conviction persuaded me to change all my preconceived attitudes to exercise and food.

“Diets (and I have tried them all) are not allowed to be mentioned; Josh teaches you how eating sensibly and at the right times is more important. Exercise programmes are tailored to your level and are never boring as Josh changes them regularly to maintain motivation. In the time that I have known Josh I have lost 40lbs, changed shape dramatically and feel years younger.

“Fitness Redefined personal training is life-changing; I cannot thank Josh enough for all his efforts.”

Mohamed Ramadan, fitness levels better than ever

“I found Fitness Redefined’s personal training service to be very professional and results-orientated. I feel my fitness levels are better than ever.

“Josh has a positive approach that motivates me even when my energy level is low. The session normally lasts around 60 minutes and quite often at the end of the session, I feel that I want to spend more time training with Josh.

“I would strongly recommend Fitness Redefined services to anyone as it offers world-class personal training sessions.

“Well done Josh – keep it up!”

Matt Tomes, a renewed physique and confidence

“I was recommended Josh by a friend last year after becoming fed-up with being overweight and unfit. I am now proud to say that I am no longer overweight or unfit and I am now much more confident because of my new body.

“Josh was really fantastic at helping me with a regular exercise regime and a healthy eating plan: I would have no hesitation in recommending Josh to anyone who is thinking of hiring a personal trainer in Sussex.

“I am overjoyed with the results I have achieved.”

Lisa Rodrigues CBE, varied personal training routines to maintain motivation

“Josh is an amazing personal trainer. He started training me when I had lost a bit of motivation, got to know me very quickly, and helped me find a programme that suited me, which he changes so frequently that I have never become bored.

“He is patient and thoughtful in his approach to training, but can also see through my feeble attempts at time-wasting, so our sessions are always packed and never dull. I feel much fitter and much younger as a consequence. He is also great fun.

“If you can persuade him to take you on, you will never regret it.”

Izi Noakes, benefits from sports specific exercise

“As an aspiring athlete with a busy school schedule, I have had great success working with Josh.

“His bubbly personality makes each session pleasurable and he always adjusts programmes to match my workload during the week.

“Working with Josh over the last few months I have lost 22 pounds, which has made my dream of playing cricket on the international stage even closer.”

Karen Mayell, a holistic approach to health and fitness

“You could mistakenly assume that a personal trainer is someone who takes you in hand once a week, and makes you sweat and burn a few calories, but Josh is so much more. He takes you as the whole package, and holistically tackles and encourages you on all fronts. He strives to be the best at what he does, keeping up-to-date with all facets of the fitness market, and he is the best!

“A true professional, dedicated and passionate about what he does, never puts you down, works with who you are, not what he thinks you should be.

“Josh is not just my personal trainer, he is my life coach, and an integral part of making my life balance both mentally and physically.”

Jackie Noakes, fitenss routines tailored for a busy lifestyle

“I have been personal training with Josh for two years.

“I have a stressful job that requires me to work long hours. I see Josh every two weeks and being able to work out with Josh at my home is brilliant.

“My programmes are consistently designed so they are doable in the time I have available and are easy to follow.

“Josh has tremendous knowledge, is a delight to work with and is a great motivator!”

Abi Besser, dropped three dress sizes in eight months

“I started working out with Josh around eight months ago and basically, I was in a state.

“Eight months later he has completely turned things around for me.  He helped me structure my food plan and set realistic fitness goals, and I’ve dropped three dress sizes in this short time.

“He is without any doubt the best personal trainer I have come across.  His knowledge of nutrition and exercise is second-to-none, and I have absolutely no doubt if it hadn’t been for his patience, knowledge and support I wouldn’t be where I am today and still improving.

“I would recommend anyone to go to Josh if they want to change things and get healthy and fit.”

Louise, personalised and tailored fitness plans

“I am the fittest and healthiest I have ever been thanks to personal training from Josh.

“Josh tailors my fitness plan depending on what I want to achieve, what works for me, and my level of fitness.

“I would highly recommend Josh as a personal trainer to other people; he’s fun to work with, motivating, and provides professional, trustworthy advice and a great service.”

Dawn Draper, fit, healthy and embracing running

“In September 2009 I decided to book weekly personal training sessions with Josh for a period of two months to get me to re-look at how I workout. I have found having a trainer so valuable I am still with him today!

“Having a personal trainer has been a great way to keep not only motivated, as they act like a coach, constantly encouraging you and pushing you to do better, but as a way of keeping your fitness routines fresh, interesting and challenging so you never bore of what you’re doing.

“I never for one moment thought I could run three years ago, but with Josh’s encouragement I finally cracked 5k – not far to marathon runners I know, but for me in my fifties, I thought it was a huge achievement.

“I have never felt so fit in my life!”

Maria Cox, balancing personal training with work and family commitments

“Josh has been my personal trainer for three years now, and during that time I have lost two stone, as well as improving my fitness to a level beyond what I had ever hoped.

“I am a typical person who spends long periods of time sitting at a computer, and have my fair share of aches, pains and injuries.

“I’ve never been a fitness fanatic, and spend my time juggling work, travel and family. Despite all this, Josh has managed to keep me interested in exercise and healthy eating. When I fall off the wagon, Josh helps me re-focus and get back on-track in an encouraging and non-judgemental way.

“Josh really knows his profession – both personal training and sports massage – but most importantly for me, he is really good company. Sometimes I’m really motivated to exercise, and like most people, other times I’m not, but I always look forward to my exercise sessions with Josh because I enjoy our chats.

“It’s not enough to know about exercise, a good personal trainer has to like people, and Josh is a very good personal trainer. Having said all that, Josh knows how to be firm when I’m slacking, or when he knows I am capable of more than I think I am.

“I would (and do) recommend Josh to anyone.”

Jo Drage, motivated and challenged with varying workouts

“I’ve been working with Josh regularly now for over two years. He is brilliant at keeping me motivated and always varies our workouts to avoid boredom of the mind and to challenge the body.

“He has also somehow managed to get me running which I swore I would never do, but now, one of my favourite-ever things is running along Brighton seafront early in the morning.

“I feel fit, healthy and full of energy, and when I slide off-piste it doesn’t take him long to get me back on track.

“His knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition is extensive and he is an excellent, intuitive, trustworthy and totally reliable personal trainer.”

Becky Hollonds, benefitted from personal training and sports massage

“Josh is one of those unique individuals. He’s very much the whole package as a personal trainer.

“He has the depth in knowledge with a kind and understanding manner.

“When you haven’t had your best week, Josh knows how to get you fired up again without intimidation or telling you off!

“Josh is great with sports massage, insightful regards nutrition, and realistic with your goals.

“Josh makes you feel as though you are his most important client.”

Christie Lenn, life-changing results through personal training

“Josh, I just wanted to put down in words my deep appreciation for your help and commitment over the last year and a half. Although my original aims were to lose weight and tone up (which we have achieved with great success, just ask my husband!) I feel I have finally gained a firm hold on what I, personally, need to do to remain slim and healthy.

“One thing I am very proud of, and I feel you should be too baring in mind how much it effected what I could do, is that we managed to do this while I was suffering with a pre-existing hip and back problem (which has now gone) and then a shoulder issue, which needed very careful handling and ended up in surgery.

“I loved that I could email/text you with any questions or requests for help and you would always respond so promptly – how you managed this whilst travelling around Sussex to assist your next client I don’t know, especially as I never saw you answer other peoples’ queries during one of our sessions!

“As you know, now my shoulder is on the mend and I’m happy with my weight (finally!). My goals for this year are to really crack on with the strength training part of things to really nail down some muscle tone – so you’re not rid of me yet.

“The biggest issues I had were worries about cost and fitting exercise into my time; for what it’s worth, I finally made the decision that it’s a quality of life thing – I just didn’t want to remain constantly beating myself up about my weight and fitness levels. Like the advertising people say, some things are priceless, and I’m worth it! (Flicking hair with Mastercard in hand now…)

“My sincere and deepest thanks.”

Fran Playford, motivated, rid of back pain, and enjoying exercise

“I have been training with Josh for two years.

“When we first met, I was overweight with a bad back. I was unfit, drinking too much and eating all the wrong foods. I felt pretty low and miserable.

“Josh motivated me from day one, setting realistic goals and making working hard at my fitness fun and rewarding.

“I kept a food diary and was encouraged to exchange the sugary and fattening foods for healthy snacks and meals. My energy levels soared and my sleep pattern greatly improved.

“Working on my core strength has improved my back to the extent that I have not had one episode of back pain in the last 18 months.

“Recent Well Woman Screening tests at BUPA (Sept 2011) confirm I am now the perfect weight for my height (61kg), with appropriate BMI; cholesterol is excellent at just under five, my lung capacity has improved hugely in the two years since my previous screening, and my general fitness for my age is excellent – thanks to my personal trainer.

“Our twice weekly sessions are still fun (as well as hard work!) and who ever thought that I would learn to love running at the grand old age of 50?!!

“I can’t recommend Josh highly enough.”

Tracy Nayler, success with progressive exercise

“Josh has been my personal trainer for several years, initially at the gym and now at home.

“He has a great personality, and is very knowledgeable with a professional and supportive approach.

“He has kept me motivated with progressive exercises to address different aspects of my health and fitness.  He has also trained my daughter and, on my recommendation, friends, and I strongly commend him to you.”

Nick Button, used fitness to overcome health issues

“In my opinion Josh Macdonald provides an excellent and professional personal training service.

“Although you will need the motivation to stick with the exercise programme, the benefits will be more than worth it.

“At the time I started with Josh I had poor fitness associated with joint problems (hyper mobility) and so needed assistance in selecting an appropriate exercise regime.  My general heath, personal fitness and stamina have improved immensely.

“At an affordable price, I would consider this money well spent.

“I would whole-heatedly recommend you start your new fitness regime straight away.”

Michelle Dennis, lost seven stone

“I have lost 45kg (just under seven stone).  Nine months ago I was 120kg (18st 13lbs).  With my busy work schedule, meals were sporadic and consisted mainly of pre-packaged, processed food.  I’d typically skip breakfast and then fill up with crisps when I became hungry later on.  Exercise wasn’t in my vocabulary.

“I then decided to take on Fitness Redefined, nine months later my life has completely changed.  I have now become a regular exerciser and have lost 45kg (over seven stone).

“The way my food plan is laid out for me every week really helps me stay on track and the exercise programmes I receive are updated every week, which helps stop the boredom kicking in.

“Anyone who has tried diet after diet and failed every time needs to work with this company.

“Thank you Fitness Redefined.”

Katy Marsden, dropped two dress sizes

“Having Polycystic ovaries makes losing weight incredibly hard and I’d struggled for years; going to the gym, eating ‘healthily’ and getting nowhere.  Eight months ago, I decided that I had to take some serious action and started training with Josh.

“Since then I have gone down two dress sizes, lost three inches from my waist, seen my shape change completely and discovered cheekbones I didn’t know I had!  Not only that, I’ve just signed up for my first 10K run - and I always swore I hated running!

“Josh has literally changed my life; I couldn’t have done it without him.  His knowledge and expertise has revolutionised the way I eat and exercise, and his humour and motivation has kept me going when I didn’t think anything was working and the hard work wasn’t worth it.
 I feel so much fitter and full of energy, and I actually look forward to whatever my new workout is going to be.

“Suddenly, being a healthy weight for my height and being fit doesn’t just seem possible but attainable, and that is down to Josh.

“I would recommend anyone to train with Josh, he has made me feel amazing and if my friends are to be believed, I look amazing too!”

John Kirby, reduced body fat by 14%

“After hitting 18 stone, getting tired just walking up the stairs and no longer being able to play football with my boys, I decided it was time to do something about it.

“I joined the Fitness Redefined personal training programme and within a year I had lost four and a half stone, reduced my body fat by 14% and could even fit into my old 32 inch waist Levi jeans!

“Fitness Redefined has really changed my whole way of life.  From training to my diet, I would recommend Fitness Redefined to anyone!”

Ayad George, lost 18kg

“Before deciding to work with Fitness Redefined I was out of shape, had zero energy and my confidence was on the floor.  I have now lost 18kg, my body fat has dropped by 9.5% and my body mass index is down from 33 to 26.5.

“I found the Fitness Redefined service to be very results orientated, which suited me because I’ve tried every diet on the planet and have failed every time.

“This is not a diet but an effective eating plan and exercise pattern that will change your life.

Debbie Beesly, found Fitness Redefined to be an inspiration

“Following an injury, I had a lot of back pain and stopped doing any exercise. As a result I was very unfit, had constant back pain and gained a lot of weight. I had been yo-yo dieting, which just left me heavier than when I started.

“I was recommended personal training with Fitness Redefined by a friend. Fitness Redefined has been an inspiration; Josh has provided that all important motivation, guidance and support that I needed.

“I have since lost almost three stone and am thrilled I am now able to buy clothes two-three sizes smaller!  However what has meant even more is that I no longer have constant back pain.

“I sleep better, have more energy and feel years younger.”

Steve Hunter, dramatic weight loss and improved fitness levels

“Over the past ten years or so I have been a member of more gyms than I can remember.  I would join with the motivation to lose weight and get fitter but then after a short amount of time I would lose interest, not go back and the weight would pile back on.

“In September last year I decided to try personal training and have not looked back since.  With the help of Fitness Redefined I have now lost over 80lbs (around six stone). 
My life has completely changed.  I feel years younger and my fitness levels are better than I ever dreamt they would be.

“My self confidence is at a level I never thought possible and my social life has also had a major boost as a result!”