Low Calorie diets slow down your metabolic rate

May 18th, 2012 · by Josh · Blog, Nutrition and Diet

Hi everyone, welcome to the Fitness Redefined blog! In my first blog post I’ll be letting you into some secrets of the dieting world – you may think twice before trying the latest dieting craze after reading this!

1) Very low calorie diets slow down your metabolic rate

The first thing that occurs during a severe calorie shortage is a decrease in your metabolic rate. The lower your calories, the slower your metabolism becomes. Simply put; when you eat less, your body burns less. When you eat more, your body burns more.

This metabolic slowdown is well documented. When calories are restricted, your metabolism decreases by at least 20 – 30%. With severe calorie restriction, some studies have shown that resting metabolism can become depressed by as much as 45%! That’s the equivalent of having your daily energy expenditure drop from 3000 calories per day to only 1650 calories per day!

This is why, after prolonged low calorie dieting, you can eat very little food and still not lose weight.

When weight loss is all you care about, its easier to ignore the nutritional value of the food you eat. You may not be giving your body the nutrients it needs. You may even be eating things that do more harm than good but when weight loss is your priority that’s what influences your decisions.

You could end up doing things like passing up on nuts and avocados because they’re ‘fattening’ but snacking on low calorie biscuits later that evening because you fancy them – after all you’ve been so good all day and they’re allowed on your programme.

This kind of trade off is typical of these who think entirely about weight. They count calories and drink diet sodas. Counting calories has very little to do with enhancing your health. Since effective weight loss can only be permanently maintained in the presence of good health, this approach is doomed to failure every time.

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