Exercises: the lunge

March 1st, 2013 · by Josh · Blog, Exercises

The lunge is an exercise that can strengthen and give shape to your hips, bum and legs. When this movement is performed properly it can also challenge the core muscles and improve your hip mobility.

There are many variations to this exercise and the lunge can be integrated to most fitness workouts whatever your goal.

How to do a lunge

Image source: womenshealthmag.com

How to do a lunge

1. From a neutral standing position (see my post on how to perform a squat in order to achieve this), take a large step forward, make sure you have approximately one leg distance between your back foot and front foot. At this stage you will feel the urge to lean forward and put weight into the front leg, try to do the opposite and keep as upright as possible.

2. Now lower your body until you have a 90 degree angle in both knees. Your leading foot should be planted to the floor and the heel of your back foot should be raised. Make sure your leading knee is not overriding the foot as this will cause excess pressure to the knee joint.

3. Push yourself back up to the starting position through the heel of the front foot. Then alternate legs.

Tips for lunge exercises

Stay as relaxed as possible while performing this exercise, having the sensation of soft legs will allow your body to move with more freedom.

Breathing correctly will also aid your body’s ability to perform this exercise, so inhale while descending into the lunge, and exhale when pushing off the front leg to complete the move.

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