Fitness Redefined

Fitness Redefined offers a bespoke personal training service using the very latest trends from the fitness industry in a location to suit you, whether that be your home or an outdoor space.

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Fitness Redefined is an inspired and dynamic personal training company founded by Josh Macdonald.  Josh is a young man with a keen interest and deep understanding of fitness, nutrition and the pursuits of a healthly, vibrant and rewarding lifestyle.

With over 17 years experience he has become adept at facilitating positive, enriching changes in peoples’ lives through the medium of health and fitness.  Josh is proud to have cultivated a large, loyal and enthusiastic clientele and thrives on ensuring their success.

Karen Mayell, a holistic approach to health and fitness

“You could mistakenly assume a personal trainer is someone who takes you in hand once a week to make you sweat and burn a few calories, but Josh is so much more. He takes you as the whole package, and holistically tackles and encourages you on all fronts. He strives to be the best at what he does, keeping up-to-date with all facets of the fitness market ; he is the best!

“A true professional, dedicated and passionate about what he does. He never puts you down, he works with who you are, not what he thinks you should be.

“Josh is not just my personal trainer, he is my life coach, and an integral part of making my life balance both mentally and physically.”

April 2nd, 2013 · by Josh · Blog, Exercises

The press-up is a compound exercise that targets the chest, arms and core muscles. Press-up benefits You can use the press-up to increase your upper body strength, improve core stability and develop your muscular endurance. No equipment is needed and you can perform the press-up anywhere. How to do press-ups The best way to master...

March 14th, 2013 · by Josh · Blog, Nutrition and Diet

Carbohydrates have had their fair share of bad press over the last decade and there are many diets on the market telling you that carbohydrates are the enemy; the Atkins diet is probably the most famous for promoting this way of thinking. It’s been proven that your body can adapt to most ways of eating...

March 1st, 2013 · by Josh · Blog, Exercises

The lunge is an exercise that can strengthen and give shape to your hips, bum and legs. When this movement is performed properly it can also challenge the core muscles and improve your hip mobility. There are many variations to this exercise and the lunge can be integrated to most fitness workouts whatever your goal....